How to run GTA IV on PC with Xbox360 EMULATOR!


Here is some hints, how to run GTA 4 on PC. I got Xbox 360 so I can play GTA 4 in original way, but if someone wants to play it on PC – here are very useful tactics. Try and enjoy!



First Way – Xbox 360 Emulator


1.) Download GTA 4 Xbox 360 DVD-rip or ISO ( torrents )

While you downloading this pack you can play this funny GAME!

2.) Download Xbox 360 Emulator and Programs here

3.) Extract emulators to the different folder

4.) Open xISO program, click OK on the pop-up’ed message

5.) Tools -> xISO Studio -> Load GTA 4 ISO/RIP here -> File -> Save (Wait ~ 10 min.)

6.) Open Xbox Backup Creator. Then, Options -> Drive Specific, and mark D162C ; Xbox 360. Then, Image Tools -> Xbox ISO Type, mark Xbox 360 there and click Image Browser

7.) File -> Open Image File -> Choose downloaded GTA 4 ISO rip. Then choose default.xex file -> right click -> Extract 

8.) Find that default.xex file and rename it to default.xbe

9.) Open xISO program again. Tools -> Patchs -> “XBE: Devkit -> Retail”. Then choose renamed file and click OK. “Patched Successful” message appears. OK

10.) Open Xeon program and get this message: “Xeon.ini not found, writing new file with defaults. Startup complete Close it.

11.) Open Xeon program again. Options -> General -> UNmark “Use Log File” and “Show Framerate”. Then adjust Graphics and Audio options as you want.

12.) File -> Load XBE -> Choose default.xbe file, the renamed one. Click OK. Error message appears. Click OK one more time.

13.) File -> Load XBE -> Choose your rip as .XISO and click OK





Second Way – PS3 Emulator


1.) Get GTA 4 playstation 3 disk ( from torrents for example ) and download emulators here

2.) Download BIOSes for emulator here

3.) Extract Emulator. Find BIOS folder in root catalog. Put there downloaded BIOSes. Then load ePSXe.exe

4.) Config -> Wizard Guide. Do all setups as you want and click OK

5.) Switch xPSXe OFF and then ON again. Put GTA 4 CD in your rom

6.) eSPXe click File -> Run CDROM

Try and post in comments about your successes . Maybe you get luck and it runs on your pc ;)


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  1. Amar on

    Are telling a truth or just a fake, because I’ve been disappointed from many website and I was unable to find a GTA IV PC Version. Plz help me….

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