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GTA4 debuted on the PC and, and it made a big success when it appeared at this year on the Xbox 360 and PS3. But it was a huge surprise when Rockstar announced PC version and that was in a “Production” stady. From this moment the exlusive publisher remained silence on its most valuable franchise but opened the gates to the press to get reviews and feedback of the game at Leipzig GC 2008.

GTA4 on PC Xbox 360 emulator

Goodbye GTA4 Emulator











The general question is – “How do you make a fantastic-franchase game even better?”. Rockstar games know the answer! For a start, they’ve polished render engine and graphics in the PC version including increased d-distances, and a higher resolution support (up to 2560×1600 pixels). They’ve also added a replay editor, which allows you to view and edit 30-second instant replays, add filters, and even combine them into a montage of clips to upload to a Web site of your choice.


GTA Cover

GTA Cover



During the preview we saw that multiplayer, may include new modes and support for more players this time around. Our presenter was deliberately coy on the matter and didn’t offer up any more information on this for now–other than confirming that players will be able to filter searches for online matches, allowing you to pick those that match your preferences.

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